Acrylic Sandwich Frame – Brilliant Presentation and Durable Protection

Acrylic Sandwich frame offers a great way to present and protect your beautiful photographs and precious artworks all in one. Picture framing online allows you to upload images which are then mounted between two acrylic panels to create magnificent displays. Fine art framing with acrylic frames recommends the use of clear, black or frosted panel … Continued

Master Framing – The Best One-Stop Frame Shop in Sydney

It goes without saying that the best frames can heighten the beauty of your artwork. In addition, beautiful pictures and paintings placed in stylish picture frames can do wonders to enhance the interior décor of your home. This is why many people spend a considerable amount of time in purchasing their picture frames from reputed … Continued

How to Select the Best Spot for Hanging Your Picture Frame

As mentioned before, purchasing acrylic photo frames for your pictures is often the easiest bit. But, finding the right space for hanging your picture can pose a few problems. Besides finding the right spot, you’ll also need to ensure that you place the pictures at the right height as well. The ideal position for hanging … Continued

Get the Hang of the Materials Needed for Hanging Your Picture Frames

When it comes to framing their pictures or artwork, many people feel that getting the right frames is usually the toughest part. To an extent, this is quite true. However, when they decide to hang their pictures, they often end up selecting an inappropriate location. Or, they could end up damaging their walls by hammering … Continued

Showcase the Beauty of Your Pictures and Artwork with Enchanting Picture Frames

Gaily decorated houses have a charm of their own. This is especially so when the house features ample space for movement, without appearing cluttered. In many cases, people purchase an assortment of home décor accessories for embellishing their homes. However, the aesthetical appeal of pictures and paintings can be quite magical too. For instance, consider … Continued

How Do Acrylic Frames Fare in Terms of Customisation and Versatility?

In terms of customisation, any shop that offers residential or corporate framing services will be able to offer you ample choice. For instance, they might ask you to select the finish you want. In this, you could opt for a standard finish. Or, you could consider opting for the non-glare finish (with etched surface). For … Continued