How to Find the Perfect Frame for Any Picture or Photo

Some people take up framing as a hobby. These individuals take immense delight in ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) framing. They find it to be fun and fulfilling. However, professional framing companies take the entire activity more seriously. They know the importance of picking the right frame for any kind of picture or artwork. The purpose … Continued

Get Quality Custom Framing in Sydney Courtesy of Master Farming

There are certainly a host of reasons why you should consider opting for custom framing services instead of buying ordinary ‘off the shelf’ frames for your photographs, artwork, and memorabilia. This is especially true if the said items hold extensive sentimental value, or if your wish to create a gallery in your home or office … Continued

How to Select the Best Mounting Board for Your Frame

Some people also refer to the mounting board as the foam board. The mounting board typically denotes the back of the frame. It is section to which many canvas mounting and framing professionals attach the artwork. Some people often select cardboard as the mounting board for their frames. But this is an unwise choice. This … Continued