How Does Rolled Canvas Differ from Framed or Stretched Canvas?

As mentioned earlier, any traditional place that offers photo prints or merchandise will be able to offer canvas printing services as well. Therefore, you could walk into a custom mirror framing shop and enquire whether they offer canvas printing services. Many suppliers of canvas photo prints typically offer prints ranging from 4×6 inches to 24×36 … Continued

Custom Framing Makes It Possible to Frame Anything

In the past, most people only think of framing when it comes to their family portraits, photos of friends and classes, or even a fine piece of art by a master artist. However, nowadays, almost anything can be framed. Given the technology, the growing number of materials and styles available and the ever improving framing … Continued

What Kinds of Canvas Materials Do Framing Companies Often Use?

There are three types of canvas materials that picture and custom mirror framing companies often use. These comprise: Cotton Duck: This is, by and large, one of the most common canvas materials that you will be able to find at the shop of any frame shop in the city. Cotton duck typically comes in an … Continued

How Do Custom Made Picture Frames Differ from Readymade Picture Frames?

Custom mirror framing and picture framing is increasingly becoming more popular throughout the country. However, this was not always the case. In the past, readymade picture frames were quite popular. People did not have much variety from which to choose. In addition, most pictures and documents usually came in pre-determined sizes. As such, the only … Continued