Acrylic Sandwich Frame – Brilliant Presentation and Durable Protection

Acrylic Sandwich frame offers a great way to present and protect your beautiful photographs and precious artworks all in one. Picture framing online allows you to upload images which are then mounted between two acrylic panels to create magnificent displays.
Fine art framing with acrylic frames recommends the use of clear, black or frosted panel colours for the rear panel. One can now sandwich their art between two panels of clear acrylic frames. UV protective acrylic photo frames offer long term protection from the fading effects of the sunlight.
For fine art framing, one should match the frame size to the picture size. In case you are planning to choose a mat for your piece of art, ensure that it is wide enough for the artwork. Picture framing online with the help of framing experts eliminates all guesswork out of the equation as they have extensive knowledge and experience of framing different styles and types of art.

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