An Array of Picture Frame Materials

Picture frames come in styles and can be made from a variety of materials. With all that is available, it would be quite impossible for you not to find one that will suit your taste and needs. In general though, picture frames (or any other frames for that matter) offered by brick and mortar picture framing shops and online picture framing services are constructed from the following materials.
•Wood – Wooden picture frames are very popular choices because of their beautiful, natural designs (wood grains for instance). They are also easy to match with existing decors as well as furniture.
•Metal – Metal picture frames are known for their durability. However, it is very rare for shops to use iron or steel for frames. Instead, they opt for lightweight metals like aluminum, and with today’s technology, these metal frames can be manufactured and designed to look like burnished steel which gives it a more desirable visual effect.
•Plastic – Plastic picture frames are also popular and are widely used as opposed to the two materials mentioned above. They can come in a wide array of coloures and styles, and will be able to complement any type of environment – from modern homes to traditional galleries and more. However, plastic picture frames are less durable than their other counterparts, although they can last for a long time with proper care and handling.

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