An Overview of the Various Kinds of Picture Frames Commonly Used in Australia Nowadays

Picture frames refer to frames with sizes that have different dimensions. People use these for enhancing their photographs and pictures. However, these frames are useful for keeping the picture safe from damage as well. Many people like storing their pictures in an assortment of photo albums. However, an increasing number of Australian households are using photo mounts these days. Photo mounting denotes the placing of your pictures on a hard surface. There are numerous kinds of photo mounts available these days. These comprise traditional mounts, standout mounts, foam core boards, gator board mounts, styrene board mounts etc. Mounting your photos helps protect them from sustaining damage because of wind, moisture etc.

Other kinds of picture frames that picture and photo framing companies typically offer include:

  •  Float Frames: These frames feature a space between the edges of the picture and the inside opening of the frame. This feature conveys the impression that the picture is floating in air. These frames are ideal if you want to exhibit the natural borders of the picture.
  •  Shadowbox Frames: These resemble deep boxes with glass coverings at the top. You can hang these frames or even place them upright. These frames are ideal for displaying multiple photos at the same time. It is worth highlighting that these frames tend to protrude from the walls when you hang them. Therefore, they might not be suitable for all kinds of spaces in the house.
  •  Window Mount Frames: These frames enable the pictures to rest closer to the face of the frame. As such, these frames typically provide a defined space for people to view the picture.
  • Clip Frames: These comprise two thin sheets of glass, with the photograph placed between them. Small clips placed at each corner hold the picture together.
  • Digital Photo Frames: These frames are increasingly climbing the popularity charts at various online framing companies. These frames feature screens that display several digital images. Some photo frames can display images in a sequence similar to that in a slideshow. These photo frames come in a diverse range of sizes.

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