Are Picture Frame Spacers Important?

As mentioned previously, picture framing is a combination of art and science. As such, framing your pictures well will require some understanding of the framing components in a frame. It will also necessitate having some amount of experience in the subject. When people think of picture frames, they will usually think of the frame as a whole. They will not spend much time thinking of the various components that make up a picture frame. Even people who have some idea of the components of a picture frame, will usually think of the bigger components. Thus, they will usually talk about the glazing, the mat boards and even, the mounting boards. However, these bigger components are not the only details that professionals dealing with picture and mirror frames pay attention to.

For the uninitiated, picture frame spacers refer to small pieces of plastic, placed around the edge of the glazing. These objects typically sit between the glazing and the picture. They serve the function of providing different levels of air cushioning. This is why these spacers will usually come in a diverse range of sizes. Picture frame spaces usually come in clear and black colours. This enables them to blend in with both the picture and the frame, thereby providing an unobtrusive effect.

Professionals offering picture and custom mirror framing services often use picture frame spacers to add space within the frame. These spacers help in preventing the glazing of the frame from coming into contact (or touching) the picture or the painting within the frame. This serves to protect the artwork from potential damage. If your picture frame does not feature framing spacers, the image could buckle. Alternatively, the image might even adhere to the glazing, thereby damaging it. Attempting to reframe this picture in the future could be quite a tough task. Picture frame spacers also serve to facilitate the circulation of air. This helps in preventing the formation of moulds and mildew, in case moisture makes its way beneath the glazing.

But, professionals in the custom framing industry in Sydney and other places also use picture frame spacers for another purpose. They use these spacers to provide a smooth surface between the edge of the glass and the framing material. This makes it easier for the people installing the glazing into the frame rabbet as it prevents injuries. It keeps the rough edges from digging into the frame materials as well. This nullifies the possibility of the rough edges shedding particles of paint and other substances into the picture or artwork as well. Frame spacers might be small in size. But, they serve to keep your pictures safe over time. In addition, they help in simplifying the framing process. As a result, obtaining a professional-looking framing result has become considerably easier.

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