What Materials Do the Best Picture Frames Typically Comprise?

The right frame can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a picture by several notches. This is regardless of whether it contains a family photograph or a landscape. The perfect picture frame can make the picture look perfect wherever you display it. However, the frame does not serve to house or contain the picture. Nor is … Continued

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Frame for Your Artwork

A good picture frame will usually look nice even if it doesn’t contain a picture. However, the true sign of a good frame is that when it contains a picture, it will draw the attention of viewers to the picture rather than to itself. It goes without saying that a gaudy and improper frame will … Continued

Can Improper Frames End Up Damaging Your Paintings and Pictures?

The pictures and artwork that homeowners display in their houses does not merely enliven the home interiors. It serves to reflect the tastes and personalities of the homeowners as well. Thus, hanging framed pictures inside homes can be inspirational and insightful. However, the material on which these pictures and paintings appear is usually not durable. … Continued

Are Picture Frame Spacers Important?

As mentioned previously, picture framing is a combination of art and science. As such, framing your pictures well will require some understanding of the framing components in a frame. It will also necessitate having some amount of experience in the subject. When people think of picture frames, they will usually think of the frame as … Continued

What Makes Customised Picture Frames So Popular Throughout the Country?

Customised picture frames give people the control of selecting the materials that form the picture frame. Thus, the frame that emerges based on their specifications, will undoubtedly be unique. This personal touch makes customised picture frames quite distinctive from their readymade counterparts. So, if you were to gift such a frame to someone, the recipient … Continued