Can You Frame Mirrors with Common Picture Frames?

Picture and photo framing is a widespread practice across Australia. These objects help in making your home more attractive and welcoming. But, mirrors can be a distinguished addition to your interior spaces. People who love the minimalist look will undoubtedly opt for frameless mirrors. However, the look that framed mirrors exude can be quite classy. Framed mirrors are a perfect fusion of the beauty of the mirror glass and the quality of the frame. In conjunction, these two elements help in complementing the style of the space you place them in. More importantly, they will raise the overall look and feel of the space by several notches. It is worth mentioning that you can install framed mirrors in almost any room. They are perfect for use in any part of the house as well. For instance, consider placing one over the vanity table in your bathroom. This mirror could heighten the décor of your bathroom. By placing them facing windows, you could make your living and dining rooms appear brighter. These benefits go a long way towards demonstrating why framed mirrors are fast becoming an essential aspect of interior décor with each passing day. Today, even the Perspex framing or canvas mounting company in your neighbourhood will be able to provide framing solutions for any kind of mirrors that you purchase.

When you want to frame mirrors with a desired picture frame:

  • Find a mirror that you want to frame and a frame that matches the mirror
  • Ensure that the frame is at least ¼ of an inch longer and wider than the dimensions of the mirror
  • In addition, ensure that the frame is deep enough to hold the mirror or that the mirror is thin enough for the frame to hold it snugly
  • Remove the glass from the picture frame as you will not want to place a glass frame in front of a reflective mirror
  • Secure the mirror onto the backing given in the frame and,
  • Fit the frame over the mirror

Acrylic photo frames are ideal for holding pictures, photos and even, paintings. These will usually be on paper, canvas or other similar material. As such, they will not be as heavy as a mirror. Because of this, you will usually not test the picture frame to see that it can hold the picture or photo in place perfectly. But, you cannot skip this step if you’re going to place a mirror in a picture frame. Mirrors will certainly be much heavier than pictures. So, you will need to ensure that the hanging mechanism on the picture frame is strong enough to support the weight of the mirror. Only then should you consider hanging the mirror in the frame. This applies regardless of whether the frame features a hanging wire or hooks.

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