Canvas Mounting – Choosing the Best Style

One of the best things about canvas mounting is the texture which can turn any photo or artwork into a magnificent display due to its organic look and feel. They have been often mistaken as original paintings. Acrylic photo mounting is a process where the photo can be joined to create a specially cut piece of acrylic.
Perspex frames create stunning poster displays which doesn’t distract the eye from the precious artwork. Picture framing services allows one to make these frames in any size to meet customer requirements. There are several special finishing options available with Perspex framing like Anti reflective, tinted, coloured and mirrored.
For larger canvas prints, one must select one of the stretched and mounted canvas print options because it promises to be robust yet lighter and lasts longer as well. Canvas mounting has been the most popular mounting service for displaying artwork where prints are carefully stretched onto a canvas frame.

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