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Enhanced Clarity

One of the issues that many people have with using glass frames is that they somehow affect the clarity of the artwork. This is not mainly about the glare, but more so because of the greenish tint of the glass frame. The green tint in the glass frame is because of its iron content. There are some really clear glass or sometimes referred to as water white or museum glass, but they can be really expensive and can be impractical for many users. If you are looking for cheap framing in Sydney, then museum glass isn’t really an option.

Acrylic on the other hand are capable of providing a clearer view of the artwork because they don’t have this green tint.

All in all, acrylic photo frames is seen as an excellent alternative to glass where framing is concerned, given all the benefits that it offers. It provides excellent clarity and protection, which makes it an excellent choice for showcasing and preserving photos, artwork, memorabilia and other items that you would like to have framed and displayed. Acrylic has gone through a variety of developments and improvements over the years, and in many cases, it is now capable of offering many features that were only available for glass, and several other characteristics as well. Suffice to say that acrylic is now capable of many framing features that only glass once offered and is the preferred option by some shops that offer framing in Sydney.

When you’re looking for excellent acrylic or Perspex framing services, you will never go wrong with choosing Master Framing—a leading provider of framing services catering to clients from all over Sydney. With our comprehensive range of farming services—from acrylic photo mounting to creative advice for your framing needs—we have you covered. So if you’re looking for top of the line art framing or picture framing in Sydney, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today by calling us up at (1300 662 628) or leave us a message in our contact page. We also offer other framing services like online framing, corporate framing, custom mirror framing, acrylic photo mounting, canvas mounting and jersey framing in Sydney. With our knowledge and expertise, you can count on us as your mirror frames and picture framing specialists who are always ready to help you with your framing needs.

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