How Do Acrylic Frames Fare in Terms of Customisation and Versatility?

In terms of customisation, any shop that offers residential or corporate framing services will be able to offer you ample choice. For instance, they might ask you to select the finish you want. In this, you could opt for a standard finish. Or, you could consider opting for the non-glare finish (with etched surface). For valuable pictures, you might want to consider the ultraviolet protected finish as well.

These days, acrylic and Perspex framing companies offer immense choice when it comes to options. You could select clear acrylic frames. Or, you could take your pick from a wide range of colours and tints. Typically, acrylic frames that feature colours and tints could be opaque or semi-opaque. In some cases, you might want acrylic frames that exude a distinctive look. For this, consider frames that have anti-reflective, frosted or pigmented in fluorescent colour finishes. Similarly, you might want to give your acrylic frame a plate glass look. To achieve this, use a frame that has a green silicate edge.

Acrylic and custom mirror framing companies typically offer acrylic frames in various grades. The extruded grade frame is one of the most cost effective options available. If you require your acrylic frame to have the best optical clarity, consider the cast grade. Occasionally, you might want your acrylic frame to possess enhanced levels of strength. For increased durability, opt for impact modified grade frames. The immense choices available make acrylic frames one of the most versatile kinds of frames for your pictures.

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