How Do Custom Made Picture Frames Differ from Readymade Picture Frames?

Custom mirror framing and picture framing is increasingly becoming more popular throughout the country. However, this was not always the case. In the past, readymade picture frames were quite popular. People did not have much variety from which to choose. In addition, most pictures and documents usually came in pre-determined sizes. As such, the only option that people considered whenever they wanted to frame their pictures was to purchase readymade picture frames.

As awareness levels increased, people began to look at picture frames in a different manner. They began to view them as accessories that could accentuate the beauty of their pictures. At the same time, picture frames became essential for making homes more visually appealing too. As people began to frame pictures and photos of different sizes, the need for custom made picture frames emerged. As a result, custom framing services have become quite popular in Sydney and various other cities in the country.

Retail and online framing stores typically offer both custom picture frames and readymade picture frames. They mass produce readymade frames in a diverse range of standard sizes. However, they create custom picture frames based on the unique specifications given by the customer. When purchasing custom picture frames, the customer will be able to select each component of the frame individually. These components could typically include:

  • The frame moulding i.e. wood, metal etc.
  • The glazing e.g. non-glare and ultraviolet (UV) light reducing etc.
  • The backing (or the materials that the picture remains mounted on) e.g. standard, acid-free, self-adhesive etc.
  • The matting (including selecting from an assortment of grades and colours) and,
  • The hardware

With the customer requiring to select each component individually, it is clear that making a custom picture frame will involve a larger amount of time. Unsurprisingly, these frames will be relatively more expensive than readymade picture frames. This is why custom framed mirrors cost more than their readymade counterparts. The customer cannot make any change to the individual components of the readymade frame. These frames usually come in the size of various photography prints i.e. 4×6, 8×10 etc.

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