How Do Online Framing Companies Go About Framing Jerseys?


People collect sports jerseys to treasure their memories and relive them. For others, owning a jersey autographed by a sporting legend can be a dream come true. In either case, the colours and the logo could bring to mind some amazing memories. People usually put away their jerseys in their closets. But, these jerseys certainly merit treatment that is more special. The best way to store such jerseys is to frame them and place them on your walls. This will help you to show off a prized possession to all your visitors. At the same time, framing the jersey can protect it from fading and a host of other issues.

Professional framers will need custom frames that are big enough to place a jersey in. In many cases, they can even provide space for displaying pictures or player cards as well. It is worth mentioning that sports jerseys usually end up becoming collectibles. As such, they will certainly be worth some money some years down the line. For instance, when players retire after fulfilling careers, the value of these jerseys could easily multiply. This is why it is essential to preserve and protect these sporting memorabilia.

To pick the right frames for your jerseys, you will need to visit the best memorabilia framing company in Sydney or elsewhere. Then, you will need to highlight the way you want the jersey to look. It is worth highlighting that the layout and the manner in which you fold the jersey is important. This is because you will want the jersey to look wrinkle-free and perfect when it is in a frame. Professional framers will be able to fold the jersey and affix it to the mat board perfectly. As a result, no wrinkles or unseemly folds will be visible when the jersey is on display.

Another element to consider when framing sports jerseys is the kind of frame you require. Some people like placing their jerseys in traditional flat frames. Others prefer the look that a shadow box exudes. Each of these frames come with their own merits. But, the shadow box enables you to customise your display in a better manner. For instance, you could include an associate item along with the jersey e.g. balls, gloves etc.

After selecting the frame, you will need to consider the matting, moulding and framing materials carefully. The right selection could be invaluable in preserving and protecting your jersey. Some people typically seek the help of glass framing and mounting specialists. This is because they might wish to mount their jersey. When you mount a jersey, you can eliminate the need for using thumbtacks, tape or staples. Each of these can damage the fabric.


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