How Do Wooden Picture Frames Compare with Metal Picture Frames?

Framing companies will easily be able to present an array of picture frames when you visit their facilities. Thus, it would hardly be a surprise for you to come across frames made of an assortment of materials. Frame manufacturing companies can produce frames made of glass, acrylic, stone, concrete and moulded plastic. Some specialist frame-making outfits can even produce frames made of recycled materials.

However, most picture framing and canvas mounting companies will usually stock picture frames made of wood or metal. This is usually the case because these materials are both classic and captivating. In addition, they are easy to work with, shape and customise. Moreover, wooden and metallic picture frames come in a wide range of colours and styling details. This makes them the first choice for many customers shopping for picture frames.

Many people will agree that wood is a warm and natural material. It is readily available and easy to work with too. It is easy to paint wood in a variety of colours. Alternatively, you could even consider staining the wood in various attractive colours. For centuries, wood has been the material of choice for creating picture frames. This is why wooden picture frames exude a timelessly classic look.

If you have decorated your home interiors with a traditional decorating style, you will not think twice about purchasing wooden picture frames. You could even consider matching these frames based on the colour of your furniture. It is worth highlighting that wood comes in a wide range of shades such as pale, dark etc. This gives you an immense choice in case you want to complement or contrast the look and the mood of the image that you want to place within the frame. Many online picture framing companies let you select wooden frames with simple or ornate detailing too. These frames would suit your personal tastes, the interior décor of your home, as well as, the image within the frame.

Homes featuring the modern style of decoration will require frames with clean lines that exude a minimalist look. Metallic frames will be perfect in these settings. These frames provide a modern alternative to wooden frames. They can suit a wide range of modern décor styles. They can also be suitable for use in décor that brings to mind specific historical periods. For all their versatility and features, metallic frames will not offer you the same range of options as wooden frames, when it comes to colours. But, their cool and minimalist look will undoubtedly enhance the beauty of the picture they contain.

Many picture framing specialists believe that metallic picture frames are more practical than wooden frames in certain circumstances. For instance, consider a situation where one side of the frame sustains some damage in a fall. In this scenario, replacing only the damaged side of the metallic frame is a possibility. Dissembling or reassembling metallic picture frames is easy. Thus, replacing only the damaged side of the metallic frame is not only convenient but cost effective too. In contrast, once the manufacturer has nailed the wooden frame together dissembling it becomes tough. Thus, even if one side of a wooden frame has become damaged, you will need to replace the entire frame.

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