How Does Rolled Canvas Differ from Framed or Stretched Canvas?

As mentioned earlier, any traditional place that offers photo prints or merchandise will be able to offer canvas printing services as well. Therefore, you could walk into a custom mirror framing shop and enquire whether they offer canvas printing services. Many suppliers of canvas photo prints typically offer prints ranging from 4×6 inches to 24×36 inches. These suppliers will also be able to provide a wide selection of framing and presentation options. As is usually the case, framing options abound for your pictures, photos and canvas prints. Therefore, you will need to go through the options available carefully before making your choice. It is worth highlighting that the right frame can enhance the look of the picture. So, by not selecting the right frame for your requirements, you could end up compromising the look of your print.

When it comes to canvas photo prints, you will find suppliers offering you at least three options. These comprise rolled canvas prints, framed canvas prints and stretched canvas prints. You will need to be aware of the differences in each of these types of prints. Otherwise, you could end up not obtaining the best value for your money.

For the uninitiated, a stretched canvas print denotes a print that the Perspex framing company flattens out before anchoring it around a wooden frame. Many people might feel that this makes it virtually impossible to frame a stretched canvas print. However, this is not the case. A stretched canvas print remains wrapped over a wooden frame, thereby obscuring it from view. This means that you can still frame stretched canvas print in the manner of your choice. However, purchasing a stretched canvas is not cheap.

A framed canvas print is like any other picture that has frames tailored to it. Similarly, a rolled canvas print refers to a photo print that the glass framing company has not stretched out over a frame. It also refers to a photo print that the framing company has not placed beneath a frame. It is worth mentioning that rolled canvas prints are relatively cheaper than other canvas prints. This is because the printer doesn’t have to stretch the canvas and frame it thereafter.

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