How to Choose Between Regular and Custom-made Frames

For many people, the differences between a custom-made frame and a regular frame are not easily evident. After all, each frame typically comprises glass and matting. As such, they merely look at the higher price tag of a custom frame and avoid purchasing it. However, custom framing services are in vogue in major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne etc. In particular, connoisseurs of art often prefer to use custom frames for highlighting their artwork. It is worth noting that every art piece does not usually require a custom frame. But, when the work is valuable or has a specific dimension, the additional cost of the custom-made frame can be quite worthwhile.

Standard sized frames will typically comprise resin or plastic. The glass used in these frames will probably feature a sheet of acetate. Even worse, it will offer little (or no) protection from ultraviolet rays. Similarly, the mat and the backing will comprise wooden cellulose products and cardboard respectively. All these items usually feature high levels of acidity. As a result, don’t be surprised if you find your artwork damaged by these frames. This is why regular frames are best for ordinary pictures and photos. You could easily obtain copies for these images. Hence, they don’t require costly custom-made frames.

In contrast, artwork is tough to obtain copies of. Moreover, it will usually be quite expensive too. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to utilise the services of an art framing company in Sydney or elsewhere. When you get your artwork custom framed, you can rest assured that:

The frames will provide an assortment of choices in terms of moulding and matting
The framing professionals will determine the final size of the mat and the frame based on the size of the art
The materials used will be high in quality and acid-free, thereby keeping your artwork in pristine condition for longer and,
The glass will offer protection from ultraviolet damage, thereby preventing the colours from fading

Cheap framing companies abound in Sydney and other cities. But, it is worth highlighting that once a cheap frame damages your artwork, it will take a lot of money to restore the work again. Therefore, if your artwork is expensive, it makes sense to opt for custom framing services.

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