How to Select the Best Spot for Hanging Your Picture Frame

As mentioned before, purchasing acrylic photo frames for your pictures is often the easiest bit. But, finding the right space for hanging your picture can pose a few problems. Besides finding the right spot, you’ll also need to ensure that you place the pictures at the right height as well. The ideal position for hanging pictures is at eye level. Oftentimes, it is easier when you need to hang just a few picture frames. However, when you need to hang several pictures, you’ll need to ensure that the spacing between the pictures is appropriate. Many people lay the pictures down on the floor for getting the best layout.

For positioning your picture frames in the perfect spot:

Measure the area of your wall where you want to hang the picture frames
Use a string as a border for duplicating that space on the floor
Place the picture frames on the floor and keep moving the pictures until you come across a layout you like
Measure the midpoint of the frame and mark the appropriate space on the wall for inserting the nail or screw and,
Once the nail or screw is secure, hang the picture and proceed to the next one

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