How to Select the Matboard and Other Options for Your Frame

For the uninitiated, a matboard refers to the paper border that lies between the picture and the frame. Many people feel that the matboard exists only to provide an additional design to the artwork. But, this is not the only reason why art and jersey framing companies in Sydney and other cities use it. These professionals use matboards for providing extra protection to the picture or painting. The matboard will increase the overall size of the frame. This will result in an increase in the cost of the frame too. However, the protection it provides to the picture is well worth the nominal increase in cost.

One of the other elements in a frame is the liner. Similar to a matboard, the liner provides a double frame look, by lining the inner side of the frame. It is worth mentioning that framing professionals do not use liners along the side matboards in frames.

The backing of the frame refers to the material that covers the back of the frame. Custom frame jobs typically use corrugated backing for their frames. However, some people might not wish to use corrugated backing for their expensive pieces of original art. In this scenario, framing companies in Sydney and other cities might offer foam core backing to these connoisseurs of art. Foam core backing can be cost prohibitive. Therefore, use it only in frames that will hold expensive and original artwork.

When it comes to glazing options, glass is one of the most popular choices available. Finding a glass framing company in your vicinity will be one of the easiest things to accomplish. But in recent times, acrylic has also become a very popular option for many people. While it can be more expensive than glass, it offers several benefits that make it worth the additional expense. For instance, acrylic does not break during shipping. It has a longer shelf life than glass does. In addition, it provides better levels of protection than glass does as well.

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