Is the Frame as Important as the Picture or Photo?

A picture or a photo is nothing more than a moment captured for posterity. It could signify a significant event or occasion in a person’s life. Or, it could signify a moment that has some significant sentimental value for a person. For instance, a picture with friends taken outside school or college could evoke memories of the fun you had in school. Or, a simple photo that features you with a relative or family member could be important because the person is no longer alive. So, in your opinion, a picture will definitely have more weight than its frame.

In contrast, picture framing companies in Sydney and other places might not hold this view. They will tell you that if you keep a picture out in the open, it will start yellowing with age. Or, it might fade and even, fall apart. A frame will not let this happen. A picture typically represents or preserves a memory. Similarly, the frame serves to preserve the picture. You will not be able to hang a photo by itself on your wall. It will need a frame to draw the attention of visitors to the picture. As a result, even years later, when you look at the picture, it will bring back fond memories to your mind. And, this will be the scenario simply because the frame has kept the picture intact.

Consider, for a moment, that you take a cherished photo or picture and frame it with the first frame you come across. In other words, you don’t consider whether the frame suits the picture or not. So, you pick an acrylic sandwich frame for the picture. In this scenario, the picture will certainly attract the attention of your guests and visitors. Unfortunately, the discordant appearance of the frame and the picture will attract the wrong kind of attention. In contrast, consider a picture for which you take the pains to purchase the right kind of frame. The frame will capture the attention of your guests. But, more importantly, it will not hog the limelight. Instead, it will focus the attention of the viewers on to the picture it contains. This highlights the importance of the frame.

By themselves, photo and mirror frames are not important. But, when the frame contains an artwork or a picture, the value of the frame increases. Similarly, the picture exudes a more significant look, merely because an elegant frame features it. Many Perspex framing companies will probably vouch for the fact that both, the frames and the pictures they contain are equally important. The former serves

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