Origins of picture framing

Today, online framing is the norm, but it wasn’t always like that.

Framing shows its roots in Egypt, around 200 AD, in ancient tombs of great pharaohs. However, the Egyptians back then did not have the technology for acrylic framing, so they had to make do with wood as base material. Portraits were painted with tempera on a plain piece of wood and then placed inside the sarcophagus.

It took almost a millennium for picture framing to appear in Europe. Around 1300 AD, artists would painstakingly carve the portrait out of a single block of specially prepared wood. This was an expensive and laborious process that very few individuals could afford. Hence, framed pictures were mainly reserved for the nobility and decoration of communal religious buildings, such as cathedrals.

When Renaissance came around, patrons became the main engine that drove further development of the art of framing. For the first time in history, picture frame became a distinctly separate yet inseparable part of the picture.

Today, we have the cutting edge technology that helps us design and create picture frames with incredible accuracy and speed.

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