Selecting the Right Colour for Your Frame

Perspex framing and print framing have become very popular these days. Even so, the popularity of coloured picture frames remains unabated. Picture frames are now available in almost every colour imaginable. However, discerning consumers will be aware that not all colours go well with all styles.

When you’re looking for a suitable colour to go with your picture, visit an art and canvas mounting shop in your city. Try out all the frames available in the shop to ascertain the ones that match your picture the best. Colour frames can enhance (or detract from) the overall look of your picture or artwork. Therefore, invest the time in finding the best frame.

Metallic frames will usually be available in metallic colours. These include gold, silver, black and copper. Wooden frames will typically offer greater variety ranging from natural wood to silver or gold coatings. Consider trying black or white wooden frames, as these are perfect contemporary choices in frames.

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