The Various Components of a Picture Frame

This is why it is imperative that you understand the different components of a finished picture frame. Knowing this could help you find a superlative finished picture frame that enhances the beauty of the image. The different components of a picture frame include:

  • The Frame: This refers to the outer surrounding of the picture. The most common varieties of frames used these days include plastic frames, metallic frames or wooden frames. The best picture and art framing companies in major cities such as Sydney and elsewhere will be able to offer you a wide range of choice in the colours and styles of frames. Typically, frames tend to vary in size. Frame sizes could range from five millimetres to over 20 centimetres.


  • The Cover: This denotes the material that goes over (or covers) the picture. For years, people have used glass as the material of choice for their picture frames. However, Perspex framing (or plastic framing) has also become increasingly popular these days. Other popular varieties of covers people use these days include non-reflective glass and museum glass. The latter is popular because it has the ability to resist ultraviolet rays.


  • The Mat-board: This component typically fits around the edge of the picture. Typically, manufacturers prepare the mat-board from paper. However, picture and jersey framing companies in Sydney and Melbourne usually offer a wide range of mat-boards having different levels of quality. The acid-free variety of mat-board is the most premium version of mat-board at present. This is because it is highly durable. It is worth noting that you will also have numerous options to choose from when it comes to selecting the colours and styles of mat-boards.


  • The Backing: The typical frame shop in Sydney and other cities would often use a fome-cor backing at the back of the picture. This lightweight composite material comes in several varieties, with each offering a different level of quality. The acid-free version is the best one. Many domestic and corporate framing services also use Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). However, MDF is not a good choice as it contains acid. Therefore, if you’re looking to frame your expensive artwork in particular, avoid opting for a backing made of MDF.

Lastly, framing companies would always tape the backing board to the frame (at the back of the finished frame). Thereafter, they would place a string at the back for hanging purposes.


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