Acrylic Photo Mounting

Acrylics are a fantastic mounting media for photos, especially when applied using good face mount techniques where the photo is mounted underneath acrylic. The clarity and sparkle of the acrylic enhances the colors and vibrancy of your image while also providing protection and rigidity.

The finished product looks fantastic, is very long lasting, has UV protection and is very robust – ideal for galleries and public hanging. Master Framing are experts at acrylic face mounting and can offer a range of innovative products to enhance your photos.

Acrylic Float Frame

  • acrylic-float-frame
  • acrylic-float-frame-2
  • acrylic-float-frame-3

This is the basic acrylic mount – done in 3mm or 6mm with diamond polished edges and with a hidden aluminum backing frame. The acrylic is spaced or floats off the wall by 12mm.

Acrylic Alupanel

In this product, the acrylic is backed with an aluminum panel producing a very strong sandwich panel. Looks fantastic and is very durable -comes with your choice of hanging system.

Acrylic Blocks

These thick acrylic blocks give a fantastic dept and sparkle to your image. No stands are required, giving them a clean elegant look – available in 20 or 30mm.

Acrylic Stands

Fantastic freestanding product, made with 10mm acrylic to give added solidity – available in black of white base.

Acrylic Gatapanel

In this product, the acrylic is backed with a 10mm Gataboard and finished with a black edging. Acrylic Gatapanel is relatively lightweight with a black edge relief providing a nice dimension to the finished product – comes ready to hang.