Foam Boards

Foam boards or Foam core boards are commonly used for the mounting of prints, photographs and as a backing in picture frames.  Our range is available in 3 mm or 5 mm quality acid free boards. These boards can be cut to any size you require.

For any further information please feel free to contact us to speak to one of your framing specialists

Our recommended range of boards we use:

U Stick Universal Self Adhesive Board – Acid Free

Using the improved Q Foam as a base, U stick uses a filmic adhesive to coat the board. This is another leap in quality as many of the other boards on the market still use rubber based spray adhesive which dries out after a relatively short periods  causing images to come away from the backing.

Q Foam Acid Free Foam board

Improved Q Foam is not like all other foam boards on the market. This new formula board is made with high density polystyrene core and is covered on each side with a PH neutral matte surface paper. These boards resist bowing and are significantly superior to other boards on the market.