Special Protection for Your Special Pieces

Photographs, art work and other items get damaged over time when not protected properly. Photographs, art work, publications, and others will lose their colour and fade, and in some cases even turn yellow and look very unsightly.
Some mass produced frames, and even those frames used by unprofessional and cheap framing in Sydney, are made from substandard materials, and such materials can end up damaging your item in the long run. Together with light, items can get damaged much faster and deteriorate fairly quick, resulting to a framed piece that is not worth displaying at all.
This is why you’ll want to get the services of a shop that offers professional photo and fine art framing and who use quality materials only. Such framers will have access to UV glasses, acid free papers and other protective devices to help prevent light and other environmental threats from damaging your beloved photos or art work. These professionals are also aware of the different installation techniques and methods that can further provide protection for your pieces.
With top notch craftsmanship and high grade materials, you will have a custom frame made that will protect your photos and artwork and keep it looking great from many, many years to come.

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