Why Is It Essential to Frame Your Mirrors?

The professionals that offer picture framing services in Sydney and other places often recommend the framing of mirrors. It goes without saying that a frame can enhance the beauty of a picture or a photo. Similarly, a frame can enhance the visual appeal of a mirror considerably too. Mirrors can contribute significantly towards enhancing the … Continued

Why Choose Acrylic And Perspex Framing

When we talk about picture frames, or even frames that are used for framing artwork in galleries and museums, we often think about frames made from wood or metal that has a solid glass cover. This is mostly because these types of frames are the ones that we’re most familiar with. Such frames have been … Continued

Special Frames Made Just for You

One of the things that makes custom framing a great idea is that you can have your frames made exactly to fit the exact dimensions of your photographs, painting, or whatever it is that you need framed. And this holds true for whatever kind of framing you need – from acrylic framing to glass framing … Continued

Are You Looking for the Best Frame Shop in Sydney?

As mentioned earlier, finding a reputed and reliable framing company is imperative. These establishments will usually feature experts who can help you find the best framing solution for your requirements. Unfortunately, finding such companies is hardly easy. The number of framing companies operating in a given neighbourhood tend to make this decision even more complex. … Continued

How Should You Select the Mat Boards for Your Frame?

Once you’ve selected the frame, it’s time to select the mat boards for the frame. The mat board refers to the coloured material that picture and print framing companies typically place between the artwork and the glass. The mat board serves to put an air space between the glass and the artwork. As a result, … Continued

What Kinds of Frames are Best for Preserving Your Pictures and Paintings?

Picture and memorabilia framing has been popular in cities such as Sydney for years. Connoisseurs often like decorating their walls with various memorabilia, canvas paintings and other artwork. In recent times, people have preferred using modern frames for displaying and preserving their canvas paintings. You can opt to place these modern frames as centrepieces. Alternatively, … Continued

How to Find the Perfect Type of Frame for Your Picture or Photo

As mentioned before, wooden frames are both, classic and timeless. They will never go out of vogue. Nor will they ever appear unseemly or unbecoming. In many cases, wooden frames feature hand carvings in ornate and intricate patterns. Occasionally, some picture framing services might even offer wooden frames gilded with gold leaf. Of late, the … Continued