Acrylic Sandwich Frame – Brilliant Presentation and Durable Protection

Acrylic Sandwich frame offers a great way to present and protect your beautiful photographs and precious artworks all in one. Picture framing online allows you to upload images which are then mounted between two acrylic panels to create magnificent displays. Fine art framing with acrylic frames recommends the use of clear, black or frosted panel … Continued

Special Protection for Your Special Pieces

Photographs, art work and other items get damaged over time when not protected properly.¬†Photographs, art work, publications, and others will lose their colour and fade, and in some cases even turn yellow and look very unsightly. Some mass produced frames, and even those frames used by unprofessional and cheap framing in Sydney, are made from … Continued

Guide to Choosing an Online Picture Framing Service

Thanks to the continuous developments in technology and the internet, many businesses are now able to offer their services online, or at least market them. In the past, many brick and mortar stores and shops can only be found in the Yellow Pages and print ads, but nowadays, such businesses can take advantage of the … Continued