Tips for Selecting the Perfect Frame for Your Artwork

A good picture frame will usually look nice even if it doesn’t contain a picture. However, the true sign of a good frame is that when it contains a picture, it will draw the attention of viewers to the picture rather than to itself. It goes without saying that a gaudy and improper frame will … Continued

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Enhanced Clarity One of the issues that many people have with using glass frames is that they somehow affect the clarity of the artwork. This is not mainly about the glare, but more so because of the greenish tint of the glass frame. The green tint in the glass frame is because of its iron … Continued

Make Your Home or Office Interiors Aesthetically Appealing by Framing Your Photos and Artwork

Several Australians purchase properties for residential and commercial use. For business owners, these properties denote spaces from where they can manage their ventures easily. In many cases, business owners will use these facilities for interacting with their clients, business associates and other visitors. Factories and mills usually tend to be more functional and safe than … Continued

Get Quality Custom Framing in Sydney Courtesy of Master Farming

There are certainly a host of reasons why you should consider opting for custom framing services instead of buying ordinary ‘off the shelf’ frames for your photographs, artwork, and memorabilia. This is especially true if the said items hold extensive sentimental value, or if your wish to create a gallery in your home or office … Continued

Custom Framing Makes It Possible to Frame Anything

In the past, most people only think of framing when it comes to their family portraits, photos of friends and classes, or even a fine piece of art by a master artist. However, nowadays, almost anything can be framed. Given the technology, the growing number of materials and styles available and the ever improving framing … Continued