What Materials Do the Best Picture Frames Typically Comprise?

The right frame can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a picture by several notches. This is regardless of whether it contains a family photograph or a landscape. The perfect picture frame can make the picture look perfect wherever you display it. However, the frame does not serve to house or contain the picture. Nor is … Continued

Acrylic: The Safer Option

Another excellent feature of acrylic or Perspex frames is that they are much safer options when compared to glass frames. When you make use of high quality acrylic frames, you can be sure that they are virtually impossible to break. When glass frames break, this can lead to variety of issues. For one, it will … Continued

Wide Range of Materials

One of the most appealing advantages of custom framing is that you have the privilege of choosing which type of material you’d like to use. Custom framers will most likely have access to wide range of framing materials – from wood to acrylic photo frames and Perspex frames or even acrylic sandwich frame and more. … Continued

What Are Acrylic Photo Frames

Not many people are aware of the different varieties of photo frames used nowadays. Photo and picture frames are quite ubiquitous in nature. As such, people seldom give them the attention they merit. But in many cases, certain kinds of frames suit certain spaces in houses better than other frames. This is why it helps … Continued