What Makes Customised Picture Frames So Popular Throughout the Country?

Customised picture frames give people the control of selecting the materials that form the picture frame. Thus, the frame that emerges based on their specifications, will undoubtedly be unique. This personal touch makes customised picture frames quite distinctive from their readymade counterparts. So, if you were to gift such a frame to someone, the recipient … Continued

Painted Mirror Frames to add Style, Elegance and Brilliance

A colour coordinated set of painted mirror frames can be intelligently matched to the decor of the room. One would just need the following items to create wonders with cheap framing Sydney viz. Wood-framed mirror, Sandpaper, Small paintbrush, undercoat, paint and Masking tape. Perspex framing is generally lightweight and sturdy and unlike glass doesn’t shatter … Continued

Is the Frame as Important as the Picture or Photo?

A picture or a photo is nothing more than a moment captured for posterity. It could signify a significant event or occasion in a person’s life. Or, it could signify a moment that has some significant sentimental value for a person. For instance, a picture with friends taken outside school or college could evoke memories … Continued

Can You Frame Mirrors with Common Picture Frames?

Picture and photo framing is a widespread practice across Australia. These objects help in making your home more attractive and welcoming. But, mirrors can be a distinguished addition to your interior spaces. People who love the minimalist look will undoubtedly opt for frameless mirrors. However, the look that framed mirrors exude can be quite classy. … Continued

Is it Possible to Frame Sports Jerseys?

You might have come across several people who collect paintings, sculptures and other works of art. These individuals will invariably use glass and perspex framing specialists to frame their prized possessions. Framing these items will make it easier to display these works of art. In addition, they will help in preserving the picture for years … Continued

Special Frames Made Just for You

One of the things that makes custom framing a great idea is that you can have your frames made exactly to fit the exact dimensions of your photographs, painting, or whatever it is that you need framed. And this holds true for whatever kind of framing you need – from acrylic framing to glass framing … Continued

Selecting the Right Colour for Your Frame

Perspex framing and print framing have become very popular these days. Even so, the popularity of coloured picture frames remains unabated. Picture frames are now available in almost every colour imaginable. However, discerning consumers will be aware that not all colours go well with all styles. When you’re looking for a suitable colour to go … Continued

The Various Components of a Picture Frame

This is why it is imperative that you understand the different components of a finished picture frame. Knowing this could help you find a superlative finished picture frame that enhances the beauty of the image. The different components of a picture frame include: The Frame: This refers to the outer surrounding of the picture. The … Continued