The Origin of Picture Frames

Many people might feel that art framing is a relatively new trend in Sydney and other places. However, this is not the case. Just like many other objects that we use on a daily basis, picture frames have evolved considerably over time. Experts opine that picture frames were in use from around 50 – 70 AD. These wooden frames were simple and plain. Their sole purpose was to display the artwork they contained. It would take some centuries before the picture frames would go on to become works of art themselves.

In the 12th and 13 centuries, makers of picture frames began to produce decorative picture frames. These frames featured various decorative elements that drew their inspiration from the architecture of that era. For instance, consider tabernacle frames, which typically contained religious icons. Many of these frames features pointed arches and frames with elaborate accents. It is common knowledge that these frames drew their inspiration from the Gothic architecture of the time. After the Renaissance, frames with simpler designs and elements came into being. Not surprisingly, these frames traced their origins to the classical forms of architecture that characterised the age.

Until photography became popular, sometime in the 1900s, wood was the material of choice for photo and print framing companies. Thereafter, common people obtained easier access to metals, thereby leading to the production of metallic frames. By the 1950s, metal had become the leading framing material. At around the same time, welded aluminium frames and acrylic frames emerged in the markets.

As an increasing number of people began requiring frames for their artwork, paintings and pictures, the need for frames with different styles became acute. It wasn’t long before the metal section frame appeared in the markets. The metal section frame became popular because people could assemble and disassemble it with minimal fuss.

Nowadays, you will easily be able to find wooden and metallic picture frames in styles and designs that suit your personal tastes and preferences. If you want your frames to exude timelessness and class, you will likely consider a wooden frame. On the other hand, if you prefer an affordable frame with a minimalist design, a metallic frame will suit you perfectly. Today, finding picture framing companies online is a breeze. Thus, finding the right frame for your photo or picture hardly presents any difficulties.





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