What Are Bespoke or Custom Picture Frames?

For the uninitiated, bespoke is another word for the term ‘made to order’. As such, bespoke picture frames are nothing other than made-to-order or custom picture frames. Many people want to preserve their pictures, photos and memorabilia. To keep these items safe while displaying them, these individuals don’t look for off-the-shelf frames. Instead, they prefer having framing companies create custom frames for these items.

In some cases, the need for customised frames could emerge because of the size or the shape of the item. For instance, some people collect jerseys and other memorabilia. These items will certainly not always be in the size of regular frames. In particular, these items will be large and bulky. Anyone wanting to frame these items will not be able to use the regular frames commonly available in frame shops. Instead, they will need to engage memorabilia framing companies in Sydney and other places to create frames especially for these objects. Similarly, some pictures and works of art will look better in specially created frames. This is why many people look for bespoke or custom picture frames for exhibiting some of their most prized pictures and photos.

Off-the-shelf picture frames might be alright for common pictures or photos. But, it would be unwise to use these frames for special pictures. This is because these frames will hardly feature preservative matting. In addition, they will not have glass that can filter out ultraviolet rays. As such, when placed in such frames, your cherished pictures or photos will experience damage over time. World-famous museums and art galleries the world over preserve valuable and rare masterpieces with custom frames. These frames do not only enhance the appearance of the artwork. They help in preserving the artwork as well.

Custom framing companies in Sydney and other places also provide framing services for irregularly sized photos and artwork. These professionals can typically encompass artwork or memorabilia having any dimensions. As mentioned earlier, you will likely not be able to find off-the-shelf frames for irregularly sized items. Thus, the only recourse available to collectors is using bespoke frames.

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