What Are Canvas Prints?

For the uninitiated, canvas prints refer to the printing of an image on to canvas. Providers of canvas printing services then stretch or gallery wrap the image onto a frame and display it. Canvas prints offer a look and feel that is quite distinctive from the look and feel of glossy prints. Canvas prints come in a wide range of sizes in the market. In addition, they come in rolled or mounted prints too. In many cases, canvas prints come into use in interior design. You could consider using them with stock images. Alternatively, you could customise these prints with various personal photographs. People often look to obtain canvas prints because they simulate the effect of original oil or acrylic paintings on stretched canvas.

Once the canvas mounting company has printed the image, the workers will trim the canvas to size. Thereafter, they will use glue and display the image in a frame or as a gallery wrap. In many cases, the frames will usually be made of solid pine. To buttress the strength of the frame even more, workers will underpin it. Homeowners (or professional interior designers) often use canvas prints in home décor. These prints provide a cheaper (and more cost effective) alternative to framed artwork. This is especially because canvas prints do not require any glazing. In addition, the pine frame usually remains invisible. As a result, the frame requires neither varnishing or treatment.


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