What Are Custom Picture Frames?

When you have a standard sized picture or photo, finding a frame becomes easier. Usually, pictures and photos will come in standard sizes. As a result, you will not need to spend a considerable amount of time or effort towards finding the right frames. In many cases, the choice of the frame will boil down to the material, the design and the colour of the frame. However, many people have artwork or memorabilia that standard sized frames will not be suitable for. In this scenario, you will need to visit a custom framing company in Sydney for ordering a custom-made picture frame.

Unlike readymade picture frames, custom picture frames are just for you. Framing companies will only make custom frames for you as opposed to mass manufacturing them. Thus, the frames will not only have your desired specifications and dimensions. In many cases, the framing company will create the frame based on all your specifications. As a result, the frame will remain tailored to suit your specific tastes and requirements.

Custom frames will usually have unique dimensions. In addition, they could have unique levels of depth as well. In many cases, the frame maker will ascertain the frame dimensions and the moulding you require, prior to making the frame. Some suppliers will be able to give you just the frame, i.e. without the glass, backing or hardware. Others will assemble the entire frame so that you can hang the picture or artwork once the frame is ready. Many people prefer using custom picture frames for hanging watercolours, poster prints, large sized photographs and even, oil paintings.

Knowing the difference between readymade and custom frames is important. However, it is equally important to know when to purchase one instead of the other. Opt for readymade picture frames if your picture is of the standard size and not valuable. Almost any acrylic photo mounting service will be able to provide you with a diverse range of readymade frames for you to choose from. In contrast, if you want to frame memorable and valuable artwork, plump for custom-made picture frames. These frames might be relatively more expensive. But, they will serve to protect and preserve your invaluable works of art for many years to come.

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