What are the Benefits of Using Acrylic Sandwich Frames and Other Acrylic Photo Frames?

It is worth highlighting that manufacturers of acrylic photo frames do not merely offer clear acrylic frames. Rather, they can offer a diverse range of colours and tints. Based on your requirements, you could opt for an opaque or a semi-opaque look. Similarly, acrylic photo frames come in various grades too. These framing grades could typically comprise:

  • The impact-modified grade that typically features frames with increased levels of strength
  • The extruded grade that is one of the most cost effective options to consider and,
  • The cast grade that features the best optical clarity

As mentioned earlier, the acrylic frames that Perspex framing companies provide are not merely lightweight and impact resistant. They also feature various characteristics that go a long way towards enhancing the beauty of the picture. In addition to this, acrylic frames offer other benefits as well. These photo frames:

Feature acrylic surfaces, which are easier to clean and maintain
Use clear acrylic sheets, which are clearer than many kinds of glass
Can withstand temperatures that are as high as 70 degrees Celsius and,
Come in a wide range of tints, colours and finishes which will suit all kinds of tastes, preferences and budgets

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