What are the Most Popular Kinds of Frames Offered by Picture Framing Services in Sydney and Other Cities?

In the past, people did not have much variety when it came to selecting picture frames. However, this is not the case today. If you were to visit any framing shop in Sydney or Melbourne, you would come across a selection of frames made of different materials. Each of these frames would look equally appealing with the right artwork and backdrop. In short, the frames sold nowadays will suit people regardless of their tastes and preferences.

Some of the most popular types of frames these days include:

Wooden Frames: By far, these are the most common kinds of frames these days. They appear classic and timeless. In addition, they can blend in with almost any kind of interior styling you have within the house. Custom framing shops in Sydney and other cities typically offer three kinds of wooden frames. These comprise:

oSolid Wood Frames: These frames are not very popular because they can be quite expensive. They look the best of all wooden frames. But, their higher price often makes people opt for composite wooden frames.
oComposite Wood Frames: These are the cheapest kind of wooden frames. Picture framing services typically glue together various compressed pieces of wood to make these frames.
oWooden Veneer Frames: These frames attempt to give wooden frames a ‘solid wood look’, without using solid wood. To achieve this, manufacturers glue a small, high-quality piece of wood onto the top of a composite frame. As a result, these frames resemble solid wood frames. But, this makes them a little more expensive than composite wood frames.
Metallic Frames: These frames are sturdier than plastic frames. People often use these frames because they don’t break easily.
Plastic Frames: Almost all cheap framing services in Sydney sell large numbers of plastic frames. These frames can last for a long time. In addition, they come in various varieties as well. For instance, you could select glossy frames, coloured frames and faux wood frames. Coloured frames are good for providing a modern look. Faux wood frames can be nice to look at. However, when viewed up close, people will be able to figure out that it’s plastic and not wood. Glossy frames tend to shine in bright light. As such, these frames will easily show up dust and fingerprints.
Glass Frames: Among the best kinds of frames available, these frames shine like metallic frames. However, they usually end up enhancing the look of the artwork the best too.

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