What Aspects Should You Keep in Mind When Selecting a Picture Frame?

Oftentimes, finding the right art print or poster is easy. It is attractive and suits your personality. The colours are co-ordinating perfectly with the space you’ve earmarked for hanging the picture. However, when you visit the nearest frame shop in Sydney or Adelaide, you might feel at a loss. This is because professional print framing and photo framing services offer a myriad of options in terms of frames.

If you’ve experienced this before, help is at hand. The good news is that there is no one right choice when it comes to selecting custom framing in Sydney or other cities. Therefore, you’ll probably be able to find several frames that appear to work. However, when it comes to selecting the ideal picture frame:

  •  Select the colour and style of the frame based on the style and character of the picture or painting. For instance, match contemporary art prints or posters with modern-looking acrylic photo frames. Similarly, examine the picture to determine the prominent colour. Once you’ve figured out the prominent colour, simply pick a frame that complements that dominant colour. For instance, if red is the dominant colour in your picture, pick a frame that looks good with red. It is worth noting that the mat and frame must complement the artwork. As such, it should ensure that visitors focus on the art instead of leaving them feeling distracted.
  • Select the colour and style of the frame based on the colours and design elements in the room. For instance, consider that you have a room with white furniture and a painting with bright colours. When you visit an art and jersey framing company in Sydney or another city for a frame, pick a white coloured frame for your picture. This would match the décor of the room. At the same time, it would create a counterpoint to the colours in the picture. Similarly, consider that you want to place the painting in your bedroom and your bedroom has a wrought iron headboard. In this scenario, find a wrought iron frame for your picture. You could consider canvas mounting your pictures too.
  • Select the colour and style of the frame based on your personal preferences. Instead of going for random choices, stick to purposeful design decisions. For instance, use intentionally flashy frames for enhancing the décor of your room. Or, place an ornate gold frame around a simple drawing. You could consider using custom mirror framing too. As long as the artwork in the room appears well co-ordinated, the overall look will certainly be harmonious.

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