What Kinds of Glass Do Glass Framing Companies Typically Use for Framing Pictures and Photos?

Photo and custom mirror framing companies typically use different kinds of glass for their picture frames. Each kind of glass used will have a different appearance. As such, it will affect the photo or painting contained in the glass in different ways. Any framing company can cut the glass to any size required for the frame. These companies usually rely on the following glass frames:

  • Clear Glass: This refers to low-quality glass, which often has had no treatment. Occasionally, it might feature some kind of ultraviolet protectant. This glass offers immense durability and is inexpensive. But when light falls on this glass, it will create a considerable amount of glare. As such, viewing the picture beneath could be difficult. Some photo framing companies often coat this glass with some ultraviolet protectant to keep the picture free from damage.
  • Non-Glare (or Reduced Reflection Glass): This glass eliminates the glare aspect of clear glass frames. Thus, people can see the picture within the frame clearly at all times. Museums and art galleries often use this glass to prevent the glare from rendering the image obscure.
  • Anti-Reflective Glass: This glare-resistant glass reduces any reflections that might be visible on the glass as well. As such, viewers can view the picture perfectly. While it offers superior level of protection, this glass is also very expensive.

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