What Mistakes Should You Steer Clear of When Ordering Custom-Made Picture Frames?

When you need quality frames for your pictures, you no longer need to wait for your weekly shopping jaunt. The local shopping mall will undoubtedly offer a lot of options in terms of readymade picture frames. But, shopping is no longer a physical activity since the advent of the internet. Many cheap framing companies in Sydney and other places have an online presence. Thus, you will be able to browse their wares from the comfort of your home. If you come across a frame that you like, you could simply purchase it online. In addition, some online companies even allow you to order a frame of your choice. So, they will offer you all the options available in terms of the components of the frame. Again, you can simply select the option you require and place an online order.

However, placing an order is easy. Having to deal with a frame that doesn’t meet your specifications or requirements is not. Therefore, be prudent when you shop for customised picture frames. Ensure that you avoid:

  • Not Asking for Advice: Whether you shop online or at a brick-and-mortar facility, you will always have assistance you could avail of. Physical print framing stores feature friendly staff who could help you pick the frames you need. Online stores feature shopping guides and carry detailed descriptions of their products. As a last resort, you could contact the owner via e-mail to address your queries.
  • Relying Solely on Your Computer Monitor to Pick the Right Colour: Mat boards typically come in neutral colours. Increasingly though, the creams and whites are making way for pastel pinks, yellows, deep reds, organic greens etc. It is worth highlighting that the colour displayed on your computer monitor might not be the actual shade. This is because the colours on the monitor will depend on the age of the monitor or the computer’s graphic card. So, if you’re picky in terms of getting a frame of the exact shade, consider visiting the physical store of the photo framing
  • Selecting High-Grade Materials Unnecessarily: You could use a simple frame for displaying an ordinary picture. As such, you do not need to invest in frames with high-quality materials. Some people select the best quality mat boards, mount boards and glazing for their frames. But, they don’t realise that these materials will be more expensive. In addition, they don’t realise that cheaper options exist – especially when you simply want to hang a normal or regular picture.
  • Tinkering with Custom Sizes Excessively: In many cases, stick to standard sized frames, mat boards and mount boards. These will work with pictures of the usual standard sizes. Online companies often enable users to tweak the sizes of these materials to the desired levels. If you’re knowledgeable about framing and are sure of the sizes of the materials you need, then changing the custom sizes is appropriate. Otherwise, tinkering with the sizes of your acrylic photo frames could well turn out to be counterproductive.

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