Why is Custom Framing Becoming Increasingly Popular in Sydney and Other Cities?

In recent times, the clamour for custom photo frames has been steadily increasing. Framing companies make these frames based on the specifications given by their clients. These frames are ideal for holding oil paintings and watercolour paintings. In addition, they can suit pictures that have any peculiar or unique sizes. As such, you would be able to obtain a custom frame based on the dimensions and moulding options of your choice.

Some leading art framing companies in Sydney and other cities even offer higher levels of customisation as well. Thus, they allow you to specify the material you’d like to use for covering your artwork. The most common options they offer include glass, ultraviolet protective surfaces or acrylic. Then, you will even be able to specify whether you want to hang the frame on the wall or place it on a tabletop.

In case you opt for the former, you could get the framing company to provide a hanging support at the back of the frame. In case you select the latter option, you could get the framing service to provide a sliding stand for keeping the frame on a tabletop. Because of the levels of customisation offered, custom frames will be relatively more expensive than readymade frames. However, these frames are popular because they typically offer greater value for your money,

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