Why Standard Picture Frames Often Fall Short as Opposed to Custom-Made Frames

When it comes to special occasions, career-related milestones and family-related events, memories can be priceless. So, no price will be too high for photos and pictures taken during these events and occasions. In fact, many people will not mind paying relatively higher sums of money for quality images. Despite this, not many people will think twice before shopping for readymade picture frames for these cherished images. The irony could not be starker. It makes sense to display a treasured picture or photo. But, such pictures will necessitate frames (such as acrylic photo frames) that can accentuate the beauty of the image. A picture frame does not merely house or contain the picture. It serves to protect it from a number of elements. At the same time, it helps in drawing the attention of the viewers to the image. This is why investing in quality frames for your pictures is imperative.

Big-box stores and other supermarkets often stock a selected range of picture and photo frames. Most of these will be standard-size frames. These frames will invariably get the job done. But, they will seldom offer anything other than their basic functionality. In particular, these frames will not do anything to make your pictures and photos look their best. Nor will these regular-looking acrylic sandwich frames do anything to draw viewers’ attention to the pictures. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of purchasing standard picture frames for displaying your prized memories. They will do little more than provide an easy solution for placing pictures on a shelf or hanging them on a wall.

Another drawback associated with standard picture frames pertains to their size. These frames will usually come in sizes such as 4×6, 5×7, 8×10 inches etc. However, it is worth highlighting that not all pictures will look their best in these sizes. In some cases, you might even have taken the picture in a larger size. These days, many people use digital photography and image editing applications to crop re-size their images. These applications make it very easy for creating pictures in unusual or irregular sizes. But, if you don’t have a frame of the corresponding size, you will likely not be able to display that picture. You will need to visit custom framing shops in Sydney or other places to acquire a frame of the appropriate size.

It is worth mentioning that not all display spaces conform to standard frame sizes. So, your living or dining room might feature a narrow strip of wall, which looks just right for hanging a picture. But, the dimensions of the strip might mean that no standard size frame can fit in the given space. In this scenario, you could consider cropping a picture to the required size. This is especially so in case you happen to have a narrow photograph. Even here though, you will require a frame of the right size. Clearly, not many supermarkets or big-box stores will have frames of this size. So, you will need to visit a professional framer to place an order for a frame of the suitable size.

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