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Picture Framing in Sydney

Keep your memories of joyous celebrations alive by preserving those moments as beautifully framed images. By choosing the right frames, those pictures can have a touch of elegance, be creative and playful, or subtle and understated. Master Framing is one of the leading picture framing and photo framing companies in Sydney. For several decades, we have been offering picture framing services in Sydney and other exclusive framing services at the best rates. 

Decorate your interiors with photos, prints, artworks, and memorabilia that define you, your life, and your family, encasing them all in brilliantly designed frames. Our experienced and talented picture framers, with an eye for detail, can create imaginative frames to suit your tastes.

Colour, design, material, and shape are vital in selecting the right frame. To create the best picture frame, even the smallest details must be carefully looked at. Each space has its own unique characteristics. Picture frames should work with the space and complement the features of the image. Picture frames are there to help preserve and elevate the piece being framed. Observation skills blended with deft talent are the magic behind great creations.

The type of glass you use can greatly impact the overall quality of your picture frame, as it offers the opportunity to protect your valuable artwork against fading. We offer standard framing glass for all jobs, as well as non-reflective glass and superior ultra-clear glass from TruVue® with conservation properties. We also offer Perspex, a general-purpose framing grade acrylic. Shatter resistance safeguards against injury or damage to artworks. Perspex is a lighter option than glass and will block up to 60% of UV light. For any further information, please feel free to contact us and speak to one of our framing specialists.

At Master Framing, we have been one of the leading picture framers in Sydney since the 2000s. Our capable and talented team of framing professionals has been creating innovative picture frame designs and improving the appearance of homes, offices, and organizations around Sydney.

Our framing products and services in Sydney

We aim to accommodate our client’s framing needs and deliver the best results. All our products and services have been meticulously crafted with this consideration in mind. We will arrange all your framing and related services under one roof. Furthermore, Master Framing offers pickup and delivery in the Sydney region and courier delivery across the nation. If you are looking to buy picture frames online, our online frame shop offers an excellent selection at discounted prices, delivered directly to you.


Online Framing Services

Choose the frame, style, and dimensions you want, and order your framed picture on the spot. Use our DIY framing to buy frames online and select your preferences as desired.

DIY Picture FramingIn DIY picture framing, you have multiple framing options. Upload the image you want to frame and pick specifications such as size, matboard colour and width, frame style, and glass. Get an impressive discount as well.

DIY MirrorsOrder beautiful mirrors, designed to your specifications, to improve the look of the room. With our DIY mirrors, you don’t have to adjust your space to suit a standard mirror. Here you can customise your mirror to suit your needs and order it at an attractive price.

Custom Certificate FramingElegantly frame and display your certificates. Look no further for customised certificate framing; we offer the best.

Canvas Printing & StretchingPrint images on canvases that you have hand-picked and tailored to your preferencesOur DIY canvas printing and stretching is the ideal way to do it.

Frames, Mounts, and Boards

Select from a variety of frames that will define the magnificence of your space. We have Acrylic Float Frames, Art Mounts, Clip Frames, Corkboards, and Chalkboards for you to choose from.

Acrylic Float FramesThink beyond traditional framing. Go for acrylic float frames from Master Framing. These beautiful acrylic frames have elegant clean lines and a sturdy backing frame that makes them look like they are floating off the wall. This adds to the modern look of the room.

Art MountsLightweight but durable, art mounts are a flexible option for interior design. Master Framing's reasonably priced art mounts are an affordable way to brighten up your space with photos and art.

Clip FramesClip frames protect your piece whilst removing the distraction of a frame around the image. The artistic work, image, or photo can have all the focus without the frame interrupting.

CorkboardsWe offer durable, long-lasting corkboards. Customise yours by choosing the size and a frame to suit your requirements for home, the office or your place of business.

ChalkboardsCrafted according to your frame and size specifications, our chalkboards are made of proven materials that have assured longevity.

Special Products

Our special products include jerseys, display boxes, and gift vouchers. 

JerseysFrame your jersey to commemorate your accomplishments or your favourite team. A variety of designs and jersey frame styles are available to you. Our jersey framing techniques are time-tested and designed as an ideal accompaniment to your jersey.

Display BoxesMaster Framing display boxes are ideal for displaying your mementos. Let the memories remain bright in your thoughts forever.

Gift Vouchers: Sometimes, choosing a frame for someone else can be tricky. Why not buy them a gift voucher? This will allow them to select the framing options they prefer.


Key Features of Master Framing Products and Services

Be it photo framing, fine art framing, sports memorabilia framing, or corporate framing in Sydney, Master Framing offers an extensive range of custom picture frames, mounts, matboards, frames, jersey frames, and photo framing services to businesses and individuals alike. We are proud to be the number one choice for those looking for picture framing in Sydney, Australia. Master Framing is an Australian-grown, family-owned business that redefines reliability, quality, and commitment. Our excellent products prove why we have become one of the leading picture framers in Australia.

The key features that define our picture framing in Sydney are:

  • a strong legacy of more than two decades.
  • staying committed to our clients and giving them products that are beautifully made keeps us one of the most popular picture framers in New South Wales.
  • efficient and speedy services at affordable rates.
  • expert advice concerning picture and photo framing and other products offered.
  • use of high-quality materials
  • pick-up and delivery services in the Sydney area and courier delivery anywhere in the country.
  • exploring innovative technology to ensure outstanding quality standards.
  • use of acid-free materials
  • Dedicated services and trusted customer support.


Locate our picture framing shops in Sydney’s prime locations such as Zetland, Double Bay, North Bondi, Mosman, and Clovelly. To buy photo frames online, go to ouronline frame shop.

Why Master Framing?

Master Framing is known to be one of the best picture framers in Sydney. Since our inception, we have maintained this image by remaining customer-friendly and service-oriented. Master Framing is an Australian-owned picture framer in Sydney, creating and manufacturing many different types of outstanding frames. The trusted legacy we earned is the result of our commitment, honesty, and affordability. You are making the best choice by considering our picture and photo framing services in New South Wales.

By integrating advanced framing solutions, we are able to achieve the best results. Hence, all our products have excellent quality and longevity. We are committed to customer service and to helping our customers find the ideal framing solution to suit their needs. For picture framing and other exclusive framing services in Sydney, contact us now



Which picture frame is best for bedroom interior decoration?

The best picture frame to choose for bedroom interior design would depend on the design, style, colour pattern, and other subtle aspects. It is best to choose the frame according to the design features of the bedroom as well as the style and colour of the image to be framed. 

Which company offers custom picture framing in Sydney? 

Master Framing in Sydney can custom frame pretty much anything you like from fine art and family photos to sports jumpers and memorabilia. We also frame chalkboards and corkboards, puzzles, magazines, silk scarves, jewellery and animation cels. Our clients can choose the layout and design, the size, colour, frame and glass type and other specifications and order the frame at a discounted rate. 

How much will it cost for custom picture frames? 

The cost of custom picture frames can vary a lot. It depends on the size, the specific materials required, and the framing style and overall design of the picture frame. Stating a generic rate may not be possible. 

Which material is best for picture frames? 

The materials our frames are most commonly made from are timber, glass and acid-free foamboard. Metal frames are also available. The material chosen would depend on the particular specifications of the item to be framed, such as size and weight, where it will hang in the room (will it be in direct sunlight), as well as whether it is going to hang at home or in an office or business.

Are custom picture frames expensive? 

The cost of the custom picture framing can vary depending on the business. If high quality and conservation materials are used, they may add to the cost but will prolong the life of your artwork. Custom picture frames need not be expensive though, there are often discounts and special offers available from Master Framing to help bring the cost down further.

What items can be framed?

We have framed a variety of interesting and unusual objects at Master Framing. If there is something you would like to frame to hang on the wall – we will find a way to make it work. Among the objects we have framed are:

Jigsaw puzzles, boxing gloves, guitars, neckties, kimonos, tutus, dried flowers, swimming caps, briefcases, street signs, sporting bibs and wristbands, gavels, books, shoes, hats and caps, small sculptures, magazines, necklaces, racing saddles, cricket bats, hockey sticks, dog collars, medals, tennis racquets, hand fans, records/LPs, baby clothes and booties, flags and burgees, jewellery, tiles, silk scarves, tea towels, jackets, bank notes and coins, golf balls and many more!