Canvas Mounting – Choosing the Best Style

One of the best things about canvas mounting is the texture which can turn any photo or artwork into a magnificent display due to its organic look and feel. They have been often mistaken as original paintings. Acrylic photo mounting is a process where the photo can be joined to create a specially cut piece … Continued

Acrylic Sandwich Frame – Brilliant Presentation and Durable Protection

Acrylic Sandwich frame offers a great way to present and protect your beautiful photographs and precious artworks all in one. Picture framing online allows you to upload images which are then mounted between two acrylic panels to create magnificent displays. Fine art framing with acrylic frames recommends the use of clear, black or frosted panel … Continued

Acrylic photo frames – Best choice for Home and Office

One may be looking at different options to frame their beautiful photos or, precious artworks. Selecting the best photo frame for the decor depends a lot on your personal taste, budget and location where the picture would be displayed. For modern furnishings, acrylic photo frames  are considered as the best. Frame shop Sydney can help … Continued

Acrylic Framing offers more choice, style and Elegance

You will see many people opting for Acrylic framing when it comes to displaying precious artworks and photos. In particular, in the world of framing Sydney, acrylic photo frames have grown in popularity when compared to metal, wood or glass frames. Picture framing Sydney with acrylic frames allows you to discover a world of desirable … Continued

Is It Possible to Frame 3-D Art or Other Objects and Memorabilia?

For many people, their photographs denote invaluable moments frozen in time. For others, the artwork that they might have taken great pains to acquire will be their most treasured possessions. Framing two-dimensional objects hardly present any challenge. In most cases, finding a frame of the standard size will be very easy. It is possible that … Continued

How Do Wooden Picture Frames Compare with Metal Picture Frames?

Framing companies will easily be able to present an array of picture frames when you visit their facilities. Thus, it would hardly be a surprise for you to come across frames made of an assortment of materials. Frame manufacturing companies can produce frames made of glass, acrylic, stone, concrete and moulded plastic. Some specialist frame-making … Continued

What Are Custom Picture Frames?

When you have a standard sized picture or photo, finding a frame becomes easier. Usually, pictures and photos will come in standard sizes. As a result, you will not need to spend a considerable amount of time or effort towards finding the right frames. In many cases, the choice of the frame will boil down … Continued