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7 Creative Ideas For Displaying Your Child's Artwork

Kids are natural artists, but many parents have little idea of how to showcase their child's creativity. If your child loves drawing and painting, it can be a wonderful outlet that also helps them learn creative problem-solving skills. However, you don't need to spend a lot of money or go out of your way to get kids' art displayed in the most effective manner. There are several simple and affordable ways to show your child's artwork without spending a lot of money or resorting to tacky attempts at decorating with custom picture frames and stickers. Here are some ideas on how you can display your kid's artwork effectively without spending too much money:

1) Art Portfolio for Each ArtWork:

This is an excellent idea for any budding artist or painter. You can create a portfolio or album of all their artwork and hang it up as a decor item in your child's room. This is a great way to showcase your child's artwork, as it will act as a constant reminder of their achievements and talents. You can even include a short description of each work so that it acts as a tribute to your child as well. There are many portfolio album options that you can choose from, such as binders, 5" X 7" cards, and even oversized albums. You can even decorate the cover of the album to add a personal touch!

2) Organize a gallery of art in your home:

If you have the space, hanging up artwork can be a great way to display many pieces of your child's artwork at once. You can create a large gallery wall or art gallery out of the pieces of your child's artwork and hang them up on the wall. This is a great way to show off many pieces of your child's artwork at once, making it easier to appreciate the talent in your child. You can even use the gallery wall as a decorative item so that the pieces of artwork hang down, like a curtain or sheer panel. There are many ways to create a gallery wall for your child's artwork, from using a pegboard to attaching pieces of plywood to the wall.

3) Gallery Shelves:

If you want to hang up your child's artwork but don't have a large wall to use, you can create a decorative ledge or shelf to display the artwork. You can create a decorative ledge out of wood or even use a mirror to hang the pieces of artwork. This is a great way to hang your child's artwork while giving it a decorative and decorative look. You can create a decorative ledge out of a series of wooden or other pieces of drywall-like material.

4) Cable Art Display:

Clip individual pieces in an enticing row on a cable art display that you hang at the appropriate height, whether that be for yourself or for your young artist. You can even create a more organized display by wrapping the cable around a piece of drilled PVC pipe or a piece of wood. This is a great way to display your kid's artwork while giving it a decorative touch.

5) Magnetic Chalkboard Wall:

If you have a chalkboard wall, you can also use it to display your child's artwork. You can hang the artwork up on the chalkboard wall. Your custom chalkboard wall can also double as a bulletin board for other items, such as school assignments and reminders for your child. Using your chalkboard wall as a decorative item while displaying your child's artwork is a great idea.

6) Repurposed Art Magnets:

Repurpose drawings or paintings destined to be thrown away by converting them into one-of-a-kind magnets that may be displayed on the refrigerator of one's home or given away as presents. Many of these magnets can be designed in sets, where several magnets are painted to look like one piece of artwork. 

7) Paint Frames to Show Kids Artwork:

If you have a young artist in the family, consider painting the frames to show their pieces of artwork. If you have a piece of art with a simple design like birds or flowers, you can paint the outside surface of the frame a similar shade, matching the color to the artwork inside. You can also paint the interior edges of the frame to match the edges of the artwork so that the frame blends in with the rest of the art.


The best way for kids to learn about art is to create, so don't be afraid to let that happen. The best way to display their artwork is by giving them a chance to work on it themselves and showing them how proud of their work they are. You can help to boost your child's confidence by getting them involved in the creative process. It's important not to do anything that might stress or embarrass your child, but you can also show them how much you value their talent. Having their artwork displayed around the house or in their room can be an excellent way to do so.