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Since its inception in 2000 as a family owned and operated business, we have grown into one of the most competitive picture framers in New South Wales.


We offer a pickup and delivery service in the Sydney area, and courier delivery nationwide.


Master Framing has the latest technology possible to ensure that our product is of the highest quality. We have invested extensively in new technology, to ensure that we give you the best quality that you and your family deserve.

All materials we use are acid free.


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V-Grooves in Mat-boards

V-Grooves in Mat-boards

A V-groove is an optional thin line, or groove, cut into the surface of the top mat to generate additional focus or accent to your artwork. A V-Groove is not the bevelled edge of a mat opening.

The shallow cut across the mat exposes the core colour of the top mat. V-Grooves can be cream, white or black depending on the mat core colour. Multiple v-grooves can be added to a single mat-board. They offer additional flair without the need for multiple mat-boards. A V-groove adds style and creates a unique presentation of your artwork.

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