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Since its inception in 2000 as a family owned and operated business, we have grown into one of the most competitive picture framers in New South Wales.


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Acrylic Sandwich Frames

Acrylic Sandwich Frames

Acrylic sandwich or bolted frames are created by placing an artwork in between two sheets of acrylic with either screw-in corner bolts, or wall-mounted corner bolts. They have a contemporary, stylish look and are a great option where graphics need to be interchanged, as they can be easily reassembled.

The metallic bolts are integrated into the artwork creating a modern looking piece. The frames with screw-in corner bolts come with a sturdy hidden backing frame and a corresponding hanging bracket that mates to the frame. The wall-mounted metallic bolts are securely fixed to the wall to create a more permanent installation. These are great for offices, museums and other high traffic spaces. They can also be used as signage, architectural displays and information plaques.

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Acrylic sandwich frames can be created with bolts through a clear border of acrylic or with bolts in corners of the actual print. A clear border will add a minimum width of 2.5cm on each side to accommodate the bolts. This can be widened to suit the print, and the space it hangs in. Bolt placement must be carefully considered in the initial design, especially if being placed through the image corners. You wouldn’t want the bolts interfering with any details along the edge of the print.

Each sheet of acrylic is 4.5cm thick and the finished product will have a diamond polished edge. We do not recommend them for larger pieces, the maximum size is 90x120cm