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Acrylic display

Why Acrylic is a Good Alternative to Glass

What should I use, glass or acrylic?

This is the common question picture framers around the world receive. People are often confused by the display cases. Nothing is perfect in this world. As is the case, both acrylic and glass have pros and cons. It is wise to evaluate both and decide which one you want to go with. Glass might be a classy option. At the same time, acrylic displays are cost-effective and budget-friendly. Although appearing similar to glass, using acrylic would be a more affordable decision. Read on to understand why acrylic display cases are a good alternative to glass.

What are the differences between acrylic and glass?

Let’s begin by discussing the differences between acrylic and glass. Understanding the differences will help you determine what would be the right choice for your display case.

Advantages that make acrylic a good replacement for glass

The advantages acrylic has over glass display cases are explained in the following paragraphs.

1. More transparent and less glare

Although the concept is that glass might be more transparent than acrylic, the reality is vice versa. Hence, using acrylic would offer better visibility of the displayed item. Further, the glass reflects light that might obscure the showcased product. Acrylic display boxes do not reflect light, which impacts the visibility of the products in the displays.

2. Acrylic is a safer option than glass

Glass will shatter even if subjected to a minor impact. The broken pieces can damage the product on display. The glass rubble on the floor can injure people and will take a lot of effort to clean. Acrylic is more impact resistant than glass is. It would withstand the shock effectively. It will only crack if the external load is greater than what it can take. Moreover, acrylic will not shatter like glass.

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3. Acrylic is a stronger option than glass

In conjunction with the previous point, acrylic is a stronger material than glass. It can remain intact even when subjected to strong shocks or external forces. This is useful while transporting display units to a new place, while shifting the items within the premises, etc. In the case of glass, you need to take extra care. You don’t have to be extra cautious while moving acrylic display boxes.

4. More cost-effective and budget-friendly than glass

Glass display cases are much more costly compared to acrylic displays. It's an expensive affair, especially if you buy in bulk. Glass displays might be advisable for a single, prominent, display piece. However, the budget might go beyond acceptable limits when you buy multiple glass displays. An acrylic display is an affordable option.

5. Acrylic is lighter than glass

Acrylic is made from plastic and is a lightweight material. Hence, the display case made of acrylic would be lighter than that made of glass. Therefore, the transportation and movement of acrylic display cases would be easier than glass. Consequently, this makes transportation less expensive. Furthermore, acrylic displays are ideal for wall-hanging displays, especially due to their weight.

6. Acrylic is useful for multiple purposes.

You can use acrylic for a range of requirements. from wall-mounted displays to those placed in cupboards. The acrylic displays would highlight the products effectively, and you can consider it the right option to showcase everything from expensive jewellery to best-selling books. An easy-to-maintain product, acrylic displays can be cleaned with a damp cloth. And it doesn’t have any additional maintenance needs.

7. Safe protection for your display pieces

Acrylic cases offer safer protection for your display than glass. You can safely place expensive and valuable items inside the display. Since acrylic is known to withstand higher impacts than glass can, it would protect the products effectively. On the other hand, a glass display might break even with a small jerk, force, or impact. In addition, the broken glass is a potential threat to the display items themselves. This characteristic makes acrylic a better choice even with the movement of the display pieces.

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8. Remove scratches through DIY methods

Of course, you can opt for scratch-proof or scratch-resistant glass displays. Nonetheless, you might be spending exorbitantly on the procurement of such glass displays. Even then, those glasses are also prone to scratching over time. Moreover, it is difficult to remove those scratches. At the same time, the scratches on acrylic are easy to remove.

The repair can be done using DIY products available on the market. That makes acrylic a more user-friendly option than glass.

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