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dusting photo frames

How to Keep Your Pictures and Photo Frames Clean

Let us take a look at the different ways we can use to keep pictures and photo frames clean for a longer time:

●      Keep them away from moisture

It is ideal to hang the pictures and frames away from direct sunlight, heaters, and even away from the vents of the air conditioner. The rapid change in temperature can lead to the formation of moisture, mildew, and condensation. This will in turn result in damage to the picture and the frame. For the photograph and the frame to last for a longer period, find a space where your frame is not exposed to the elements.

●      General Cleaning

Dusting is necessary if you want to see your pictures clearly. A feather duster will help in cleaning if you are doing it frequently. But if your cleaning spree only comes by once in a while; it is necessary to do a detailed cleaning of the picture frame and the photograph. Water and paper towels can help clean the dust that has accumulated in the hinges and corners of the photo frame. It may be necessary to use glass cleaner to remove hand imprints from the glass frame. Spraying a little bit of glass cleaner over the cloth and then swiping it will remove all the dirty hand prints from it. Be careful to clean with a soft cloth, especially if cleaning acrylic surfaces as they can scratch quite easily.

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●      Metals need cleaning!

The general cleaning method can only be used against materials that are tolerant to water. The same model cannot be used in frames that are made of metal. Metal frames, when not cleaned frequently, can lose the luster they have; it will make them look older over time. To retain the shine of the metal frame, one needs to use special cleaning agents. Acrylic frames need acrylic cleaner; silver frames need silver polish. It is essential to understand the type of material of the metal frame and use cleaning agents accordingly.

●      Easy care wooden frames

Wooden frames are generally hardier. If cleaned regularly, that should suffice to keep them in good condition for a very long time. Some wooden frames may have to be polished once in a while, and dusting the wooden frame should be a thorough process.

●      Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths cause less damage to the finish of the photo frame and the picture. These clothes are extremely soft and collect dust on them while dusting. This ensures that the cleaning process will not end up scratching the frame and the picture. They are essential for cleaning acrylic/perspex surfaces to prevent it becoming cloudy from fine scratches.

●      Cotton buds to the rescue!

Using cotton buds will help to clean the stubborn dust in the corners and hinges of the picture and the picture frame. Everything from fly spots to dust build-up can be cleared using cotton buds.

Photos and photo frames preserve a lot of memories. Follow the methods above and keep them clean so that they keep reminding us of all the good times.