Tips for Selecting the Perfect Frame for Your Artwork

A good picture frame will usually look nice even if it doesn’t contain a picture. However, the true sign of a good frame is that when it contains a picture, it will draw the attention of viewers to the picture rather than to itself. It goes without saying that a gaudy and improper frame will diminish the overall look of the picture. Or, it could end up distracting the viewers. A good frame will suit the size, the colour and the shape of the picture. At the same time, it will not overpower the picture. People shopping for new picture or mirror frames would do well to keep these pointers in mind.

Some of the attributes of a quality picture or photo frame include:

  • Drawing the Viewer’s Attention to the Picture and Not to the Frame: When you come across a frame for a specific picture, consider the key aspects of the picture. Think about the elements that you want to accentuate by putting up the picture for display. For instance, light frames usually draw the attention of the viewers to the areas of contrast. They make the viewers focus on the softer lines in the picture. In contrast, dark and heavy frames can serve to accentuate deep tones or subdued themes.
  • Blending in with Other Elements in the Display Space: Consider the place where you plan to hang the frame. The frame will need to complement the décor of the space in terms of size, colour and texture. This is why print framing professionals often exhort their customers to select frames having high levels of versatility.
  • Emphasising the Colour and Texture of the Picture: If you were to pick a frame that doesn’t suit the colour combination given in the picture, the effect could be quite discordant and jarring. This necessitates selecting a frame that suits the colour and the texture of the picture. Pictures with simple lines will look good in decorative frames. Similarly, pictures featuring busy scenes will look better in simple and plain frames.
  • Offering Easy Maintenance and Durability: Any Perspex framing company will be able to offer different kinds of photo and picture frames. Depending on your budget, you could easily pick any that appear suitable to you. But, not all frames go well with all pictures. So, you will need to pick a frame that goes well with the image. In addition, you will need to consider whether you want a frame with glazing that eliminates glare, ultraviolet rays etc. Lastly, pick a frame that is easy to clean and maintain.

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